Reservation & Payment
Reservations are guaranteed with a valid credit card and a deposit for the first night’s rate. $30 of your deposit is a non-refundable booking fee. Please see cancellation policy. Payment accepted (besides cash): MasterCard, VISA, Discover. We do not accept checks. By making a reservation, you have agreed to all of our policies, including agreeing that any and all damage to our property that occurs during your stay, including replacement or repair cost to damaged furnishings or fixtures, stained sheets, towels, bedding, rugs, etc, tubs or showers overfilled causing water damage, will be charged to the card of the registered guest responsible for that room. We reserve the right to determine to what extent the items can be repaired, dry cleaned, or if they need to be replaced. This is not negotiable. Also, a replacement fee will be charged for any items missing from a guest room upon the date of check out, including fixtures, towels, bedding, dishes and decorative items.Changing Your Reservation
You are welcome to make changes to your reservation 15 days or more prior to your reservation dates. After 15 days, you are subject to all of our cancellation policies. Reducing the number of days of a stay is considered the same as a cancellation and you will be subject to the same policy as stated above. The minimum stay requirement will still apply.

Cancellation Policy
We are a small, privately owned business and, due to our small size, cancellations impact us significantly. A last-minutes cancellation gives us little chance of filling your room, and we have been turning away other bookings in honor of your reservation. For this reason we uphold a strict policy.

Reservations must be cancelled 15 days prior to arrival.

30 days for guest renting 2 or more suites (see Groups). After that, no refund is possible regardless of reason. If we have luck filling your entire vacancy, you will receive a refund less a $30 processing fee. You are still responsible for any days of your reservation we are unable to fill. We do our best to fill the rooms in your stead, but must hold to our minimum night policy where applicable, even when trying to fill your vacancy.

Rescheduling a Reservation
If you reschedule a reservation less than 15 days prior to arrival, it is still considered a cancellation, and subject to our cancellation policy. (Please see Cancellation Policy.)

Early Departures
If you leave before the date scheduled for departure or if you do not show for your reservation, you will be charged for the full amount of your reservation. No refunds. Reducing the number of days of a stay in considered the same as a cancellation and you will be subject to the same policy as stated above. The minimum stay requirement will still apply.

Reserving The Right to Terminate Your Stay
Your reservation is not a renter’s agreement ~ you may be asked to leave the property or be removed from the property due to any sort of behavior that we deem unacceptable.

Unregistered Guests or Visitors
Emily’s House does not allow unregistered guests in guest rooms. Our first priority is the privacy and quiet space of the registered guests staying with us, and unannounced visitors can be disruptive. Please inquire with the innkeeper about having your friends visit in our parlor or decks. Visitors are not allowed in guest rooms. Please register with the innkeeper all guests who are visiting.

No-Smoking Policy
A $150 fee will be charged to the registered guest of any room that smells of smoke or incense. Strictly enforced.

Candles, etc.
Candles and incense are not allowed inside any of our properties.

Items Left Behind
We only return items left behind if they are requested. This protects the privacy of our guests. Please email or call as soon as you know you are missing something. With the large number of items left by our guests, and the rising mailing costs, we as that you be prepared to cover the postage with a credit card number when you call. We ask that you be patient in receiving your item back. It can take up to three weeks before we are able to send your missing items to you. Thank you for your understanding.