Vicki is a self taught chef.

Driven by her passion to live a healthy life style, and her desire to bring friends, family together, she has become an accomplished and creative home chef.

“I grew up with great food, my mother was a good cook, she, was sort of ahead of her time. She passed away at an early age, so I have been experimenting ever since.  Opening Emily’s House bed and breakfast is the perfect place to show off her skills.  I love the central coast. Paso Robles is in the middle of the footprint of sustainability. I’m captivated with so many beautiful fruits and vegetables, organic grains, artisan cheeses. And grass fed meats, readily available to us.” says Vicki.

Visiting the local farmers markets not only keeps her connected with the community, but inspires most of her menu and recipe ideas. Buying fresh and local, using all natural resources. The fall is her favorite season; it is an exciting time to take advantage of what the local farmers have to offer.  Vicki enjoys prepping and serving larger groups of up to 100, creating “that Special meal” “ for a special occasion  As well as designing a menu for two.

Her attention to detail and organization is defiantly a plus in these situations.  Designing theme based parties, and meal is what she really loves. I have has so much fun creating an atmosphere for a gathering, while presenting the food in and elegant and beautiful way.