Greetings from El Paso de Robles!
What a wonderful year it has been! We have enjoyed living here for more than twelve years. The time has passed so quickly, it is hard to believe! We have watched our small town grow in population, popularity, and most recently, become the fastest growing wine region in the US.
It is with bittersweet words we write to you. After much prayer, we officially closed Emily’s House Bed and Breakfast as of December 24, 2018. I always thought this would be our forever home. But, we have missed our family in southern California! Our children and grandchildren are growing, and we want to spend all the time we can with them before they are grown and in college!
Emily’s House has been one of our greatest accomplishments. It has been one of the best experiences of our lives, and for this, I’m grateful. We have always enjoyed spending time getting to know our guests… from helping them plan their trip to Paso, serving breakfast (of course), and great conversations over a glass of wine. We have met so many wonderful and interesting people, and built lasting friendships that are greatly cherished. I will miss this house, the neighborhood, and serving our guests. Together we thank you, for being part of this journey.
Vicki will transition from inn keeping to building a small business using her cooking and creative skills as a personal chef and event planner. She will also continue to arrange wine tasting tours. I would love to cook for you, from intimate parties of two to fifty.
We will continue to live here in Paso at least through Spring 2019. We intend to visit family during our newfound free time.
You will be missed! We would love to hear from you. Give us a call maybe we can share a bottle of our favorite wine.
We wish you many and a Happy New Year!
Vicki and Kenny Combs
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